Not many designers can surprise us from the bottom of our heart.

She is a genius. It is astonishment to use the 3D wool embossment for the first time in the industry at her 3rd collection beside the lacing made by Japanese paper.
The collection shows the extraneous thing which is neither clothes nor human body united by clothes and human body.
She developed manufacturing 3D wool embossment for the first time in the industry using high quality materials such as wool or cashmere made in Japan.
The feature is 3D appearance and the design which looks like human body has parasitised to the clothes.
MEGMIURA has the unique mood as a designer. It is very attractive with lurid sense and sophisticated, mode clothes and edgy accessories.
It almost looks like the skeleton bones in the city get fashionable. There is “skeleton” motif in deformed modern design clothes.
Those are their natural state which live everyday as normal human being.
There is always dark shadow behind them which are used to be in the stable human life.
It is expressed in capes, chokers and the ‘dark’ spice in entire collection.
The fabric of original collage pattern gives us those impression of gorgeous and the hustle and bustle of urban city, however, the skeletons which are peace stupors do not notice the existence of up coming darkness and they are looking baffled.
Then, they are back into their form which is skeleton and surrounded by the darkness. What will happen to them?
Bravo to her uniqueness and easy-to-wear concept!

-Misha Janette

Born in 15th October, 1982.

Own style which is not affected by anyone“ is her belief.

Started to make clothes inspired by her grand mother who has been a tailer.
Leant about making clothes during her part time work which is remaking clothes at the used clothes shop when she was a high school student.
At the school festival, she held fashion show for the first time at her school. Its story is taking over even now.

Entered to the Design department of ESMOD JAPON international, a fashion and design school which she had hoped to be in April, 2001.
All teachers who know the fashion business taught her basics of design and patters.
At this moment, she touched the style of “Mode fashion”.
“Own style which is not affected by anyone“ and “Evolving mode fashion” have united in her hands and started drawing her unique style.
Explored new details and new forms, she showed the collection “It is possible to change the clothes silhouette to any ways by details” which was used bag handles and tubes of foam polyester at the graduate collection. This works received the Honorable mention on Soen prize, called the gateway of success.

Started working in internship program at the LINDA Atelier as a designer when she was a student. She has learned its own fashion style which comes from the fine way to use fabrics and patterns.
After that, she worked at YOICHI NAGASAWA, which is the official Paris Collection brand to learn collection works and designs deeper.
Studied and worked under Yoichiro Nagasawa, the designer as an assistant operation for 4 years.
Through the fashion shows, she experienced effort and obsession to hold to “Own style”, the techniques which support it, and the colourful and strict job of mode fashion.
Also, she worked at the project and producing for apparel companies and learned the importance and diverseness of design.

At January, 2008, she has been independent as a freelance designer.
Now, she handles the planning operations for existing brands, and helps to launch new brands for large/small apparel companies.
She is planning to do business with foreign companies.
During working on design for those companies which needs universality, everydayness and change at the same time, she is feeling this market need and appetite of ‘own style which is not affected by anyone”.

On the other hand, she questions of disposal, consuming society and the changing relationship between clothes and people, and showed the Recouture works which are mixed clothes garbage and couture technique.
Exhibition sales are held in a lot of events and department stores.
Currently, Recouture has been given to NPO, and they are working very actively at events in department stores and workshops.

At April 2013, launched MEGMIURA which is mixed “Own style which is not affected by anyone“ and “Evolving mode fashion”.
She made a debut with the collection which was used “Washi”, Japanese paper, Japanese one and only material.
Joined the runway show at Aurora fashion week in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Published the collection which unites the image of Tokyo’s all night neon city and the world of the Washi textile, also mixes now, past and future.
After that, she published the collection officially in exhibition at Tokyo fashion week.

In January 2014, she planned and opened POP UP STORE “GASHO” in Lafolet Harajuku.
Also, she was chosen as “the new comer who makes us foresee the future of fashion” at the SO-EN magazine.

In February 2014, HARCOZA has started to sell her brand.

In March 2014, she published her 2014-15 Autumn and Winter collection at the GARTER GALLERY in KITAKORE Building which is gathering attention over the world.
Theme is Another Skin. From her own perspective to body and skeleton, she has expressed the essential of flesh and blood, which is not fluid mode fashion.
It received recognition by visitors and journalists at this unique space of GARTER GALLERY.

In September 2014, For Your Pleasure in Omotesando and GARTER in Koenji have started to sell her brand.

In October 2014, she published “New Skin”, 2015SPRING AND SUMMER COLLECTION at the exhibition of “PR01 TRADE SHOW” which was held by the H.P. France.
Expressed detailed image of “Another Skin”, it shows “New Skin” style using unique cuttings and embroidery.
“New Skin” was exhibited at the exhibition of ASIA AWARDS: Young Creators of Tokyo Designers Week 2014.
In November 2014, she published the full collection at the GARTER GALLERY in the way of installation.
At this mixed collection of couture and pret-a-porter, she has got a lot of clients.

In December 2014, she held the event “Fetish x Fashion” at the For Your Pleasure in Omotesando.

In March 2015, She visited to Paris and published 2015-16 AUTUMN AND WINTER COLLECTION at Paris Fashion Week.
The theme is “The Midnight”, which is expressed the world of quietness and hope when the darkness changes to morning glow.
This collection has received high recognition in Paris.

L’ECLEAIREUR, luxury department store in France is selling her 2015-16 AUTUMN AND WINTER COLLECTION.

ウール/カシミア等のMADE IN JAPANのクオリティの高い素材を中心に、 “服に人体そのものがパラサイトした様なデザイン、立体感が特徴”。

-by Misha Janette




専門学校在学中から、”LINDA Atelier”にてインターンを始め、同社にデザイナーとして入社。
その後、コレクション業務やデザインを深く学ぶため、パリコレクション公式参加ブランドである”YOICHI NAGASAWA”に転職。



その後、TOKYO FASHION WEEK公式スケジュールでも展示会形式で発表。
2014年1月に、自身が主催した POP UP STORE「GASHO」をラフォーレ原宿に出店。
2014年3月、国内外で注目される異色のファッションビル”キタコレビル”内にあるGARTER GALLERYにて2014-15AUTUMN&WINTERCOLLECTIONを発表。
異彩を放つ空間”GARTER GALLERY”での発表は、来場者やジャーナリストに高い評価を得た。
2014年9月、表参道「For Your Pleasure」・高円寺「GARTER」にて取り扱い開始
2014年10月、2015SPRING&SUMMER COLLECTION”NewSkin”を株式会社アシュ・ペー・フランス主催合同展示会「PR01 TRADE SHOW」にて発表。
同10月、「TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK2014」ASIA AWORDS ヤングクリエイター展にて”New Skin”を展示。
2014年11月、”GARTER GALLERY”にてフルコレクションをインスタレーション形式で発表。
2014年12月、表参道「For Your Pleasure」にて”Fetish×Fashion”の切り口で展示イベントを開催。

2015年3月Parisに渡り、Paris Fashion Weekで2015-16AUTUMN&WINTER COUTURE COLLECTIONを発表。
テーマは「The Midnight」。暗闇から朝焼けに変わる、静寂と希望に満ちた世界を表現。フランス・パリでも高い評価を得る。